Preventing Diabetes Naturally


We are living at a time when many are dying from diseases brought about by the kind of life they live. The food we eat and how we conduct our daily activities is said to affect our health status. One modern lifestyle disease is diabetes mellitus. This disorder has taken the lives of many. It is brought about by an increase in blood sugar levels. Diabetes is said to be of two different types which include the type 1 and type 2. Type 1 diabetes comes about when one’s pancreas fails to produce insulin. At times, it may release a minimal amount of it. This occurs as a result of the destruction of the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas by the body’s immune system. Environmental factors like viruses and genes have also been linked to this type of diabetes.

The type 2 one which is popular is mainly caused by our kind of lifestyle and genes. Physical inactivity is one reason people contract type 2 diabetes.blood test Many who choose not to engage in any physical activity are at a risk of contracting diabetes. Poor eating habits can also result to this disease. Foods with excess fat can be dangerous and can also lead to obesity which causes insulin resistance. The typical symptoms of diabetes include natural thirst, urination, fatigue, blurred vision and weight loss. Some drugs have been designed to cure this illness. However, you can prevent it naturally. Here are some natural preventive measures of diabetes.

Regular exercises

Exercising on a daily basis is essential in the prevention of diabetes mellitus because it helps in reducing the levels of glucose in the blood. The body utilizes the use of insulin after a thorough exercise. This is mainly because the body uses most of the glucose stored in the muscles when exercising. You should get involved in regular physical activities to improve your blood sugar levels.

Healthy eating

healthy foodsTaking in meals rich in sugar is one main cause of this disease. You should take meals less in any form of sugar to maintain proper health. Your diet should be rich in vitamins from fruits and vegetables. One is also advised to consume dairy meals. There are also alternatives to different meals with zero or less sugar content, one example being the brown bread.


Drinking more water

You should drink enough water to maintain the required blood sugar levels. If there are higher levels of glucose in your blood, then you are required to drink enough water. Kidneys play a significant role in taking the excess sugar out of your blood through urination. Drink the right amount of water will help facilitate the whole process. One is advised to drink a minimum of seven glasses per day.