How You Can Improve the Health of Your Heart

heart care

The heart is one vital body organ which helps pump blood to various parts of the body. Blood containing oxygen and nutrients is sent to every part of the body with the help of the heart. It is a muscular organ which can pump giving room for the even distribution of blood. There are certain vessels that direct blood in and out of the heart. They are known as the veins and arteries. The heart receives deoxygenated blood from different body tissues through the pulmonary vein and vena cava which is then directed to the lungs for oxygenation. Oxygenated blood from the lungs comes back to the heart where it’s pumped through the arteries then pumped to different body organs. That is how the heart is essential to your body.

You should take care of your heart because it is vulnerable to certain diseases that might lead to its failure to function. One heart illness you canstrong heart contract is cardiac arrest. This happens when it suddenly ceases to pump blood to your body. It is caused by an abnormal heart rhythm known as ventricular fibrillation. You can also contract coronary heart disease which is as a result of damage caused in key blood vessels. Stroke is also another illness caused by the cut of blood supply to some part of the brain. You should maintain a proper heart health to stay free from such conditions and live long. Here is how you can improve the health of your heart.

Eating healthy meals

Consuming a healthy diet is essential for your heart health. Meals with high amounts of fat are said to be dangerous to your heart. This is because the excess fat deposits around the vessels leading to the heart which may hinder the rate at which your blood flows. It may also affect the rate of your heartbeat. One is advised to take meals rich in vitamins, proteins, and grains in excess.

Conducting physical activities

healthy foodsOne should engage in regular exercises to maintain a good and healthy heart. Regular exercises help burn the excess fat deposited around the heart or blood vessels giving room for an improved blood flow. Daily tasks will help pull oxygen from your blood which gives your heart an opportunity to work under intense activities.


Reduce intake of stimulants drugs

Most cases of heart attacks have been linked to the use of drugs and some stimulants. They do contain substances that increase blood pressure and heartbeat rate. You are advised to reduce the intake of coffee or replace it with tea because it contains high levels of caffeine which might affect your blood pressure if taken in excess. You should also avoid hard drugs and go slow on the use of enhancing drugs like Viagra.